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Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour-PLAZA Crack PC Torrent


Download Duke 3D nukem 20 th anniversary world tour pc crack , the return of the original Duke remained authorized in 3D for all its fans with 5 brand new episode! Download it now free to safe and fast torrent, free! Link at the bottom of this page.

Product details:

Frag like it was 1996 - this time with even more asses kicked! He participates big action hero of the world in Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour duke nukem 3d 20th anniversary world tour cheats, while saving the Earth, once again, to kick alien butt and save the girls around the world along the way. Make your way through hordes of nasty aliens in four episodes duke nukem 3d megaton edition Duke Nukem 3D classics plus an additional EPISODE ALL DESIGNERS new fifth from original EPISODE play with the music COMPOSER of the original game and the new Duke of conversation from the original voice of Duke Nukem.

  • FIVE ALL-new episode, created from the original episode designers, Allen Blum and Richard III "Levelord®" gray!
  • Again, bonus content in Episode 5: Duke Nukem finally gets a new incinerator to roast enemies "Firefly"!
  • New "Duke Talk" highest fidelity re-recordings from the original voice of Duke Nukem, Jon St. John!
  • New soundtrack for the episode 5 theme song created by author and composer Duke original game, Lee Jackson!
  • 1996 Original source code and engine "2.5D" re-mastered in true 3D PC!


Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour-PLAZA Crack Torrent

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